Friday, January 19, 2007


Dear All,

My Mami have moved us to
Come visit us there...

Monday, November 13, 2006

2 bdays at 1 go!

Jada and family together with "Dora" celebrating her 2nd birthday...

Renee and Belen - Best of friends!

Auntie Joanne stealing a peck from Reeve -
"Reeve, if you want the watergun, you have to call me first then kiss me ok" - What a B.R.I.B.E!

Ok..mami, i have had enough of the chicks and the bikinis...last pic ok!

ok..ok..ayern, watch me perform my 007 solo!

Yap Jay Den is also celebrating his 1st birthday this weekend.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

r2r is coming back!

9.12am - birthday kisses and wishes was sent from a far this morning. mami called you in melaka the minute i got in to the office. you came to the phone and greeted me with (imagining) a broad, dimpled smile and i can so imagine the two front polished rabbit tooth sticking out when you screamed "halo mameeeeeeeeee". tears rolled down my cheeks, i just couldn't talk any further, i mumbled to you "reeve, you miss mami or not" your reply was "hmmm!" then i sang you a birthday song and you sang with me too. you spoke so much over the phone, i was so happy to hear your voice, its been a week and i do not get to see you on this special day. mami is feeling so disturbed...

9.30am - 2 missed calls from Melaka

9.34am - Called Melaka, renee cried over the phone and said "mami, i want to come back to see you, i don't want to stay here...i miss you mami...i answered: ok, ok darling, i promise i will come get you today ok, ask kakak to pack all you stuff NOW! GO!!!

11.15am - i spoke to babeei and finally he gave me the green light to go ahead with the pick-up. i called AMD to pick you two up and she should be on her way now...i will see my beauties in no time...can't wait!

Monday, October 09, 2006

The Haze

The weather has been really bad lately, the haze from Indonesia is here again and this time it brought our family unsubsided fever to practically everyone. Both the kakaks caught fever and was bed -ridden for almost 2 full days. As for you - Renee, you knocked out for almost 21 hours on Saturday and 18 hours on Friday. Over the weekend, we visited the doctor 3 times, twice for you and once for kakak. Your fever was 39.8c, mami could feel you boiling when i hugged you. I rushed you to the doctor and instantly she gave you suppository to bring the temperature down, within 10 minutes the fever was under controlled until 6 hours later it steadily climbed to 38.5 again and babee had no choice but to insert another doze to bring it down. I saw you lying there so weak and my heart was in pain, i din't sleep well coz i wanted to touch to see if you were alright. That night you vomitted and your face was so red, i could actually see you were suffering as you did not move nor talk much. For a person as active as you, that meant alot!

The same day, Reeve also caught fever, vomited, purged and flu too. But Reeve's was fast and touch wood, the fever never returned after the first doze of medication. The next day (Sunday) both Marcus and Michelle was down with the same symtoms. I felt bad for causing U.Martin and A.Herra so much of hassle. Infact, when i brought je-je to the doc, u.Martin already told me to buy extra flu and cough mixtures for Marcus as he can foresee "The 3 Sisters" coming..(fever, cough, flu)

Je-je is doing so much better as of last evening, she started to run, scream, sing, requested to watch Barney and most importantly she ate - wow! thats wonderful news!

Why i blogged?
It is the first time she had received suppositories. I hate the idea...

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

He is TWO!

"lo po jai, come cut cake la..."

Family cutting the cake

Reeve stealing toys from the counter, can you spot the number of crocs there?

Participants singing Negaraku...

My birthday boy in 5 weeks time...

Renee in daze mode...

Come Reeve! Let's roll!

The birthday boy in NIKE..

Do you know which belongs to who?

"leng looi, can i buy you a drink? but i drink first la...

Monday, September 11, 2006

Merdeka at Hua Hin - Thailand

Preparing milk in our room

Babee with his prides

Reeve and babee walking in for lunch

Renee with Yang Yang for a horse ride

Very beautiful picture! Yang Yang kissed Renee that very night before wishing her good night. It was her first kiss from a boy of a similar age.

Bad hair day!

Sand, Sun and Fun

Renee's sun burnt cheeks with Reeve's slightly tanned face


Friday, August 18, 2006

One day at The Prince

Was taking this lovely pic of Renee...
When I encounter a search thieve on the other side ransacking my bag for more m&m's

Renee : Mami, why you go hospital ah?
Mami: Because doctor wants to take baby out
Renee : Why, doctor take baby? Where is the baby now? show me mami!!!
Mami: Baby not here, doctor kept the baby already...
Renee : So mami (looking at my stomach) you have nomore baby now ah?
Mami: Ya, no more baby in mami's stomach
Renee : Hesitate for a while then jumped and clapped her hands yelling "yeah!!!" mami nomore baby, can carry me and sailo now!! yeah yeah!!